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Shrimp tacos

solita Tacos & Margaritas

solita is a simple, sophisticated neighborhood Mexican restaurant built around a custom wood grill, inspired by the best of our travels through Baja California and Mexico.

solita’s Mexico is fresh and delicious, simple and light. It’s made from scratch, often carrying a whiff of smoky flavor from the wood or charcoal grill, full of flavor from fresh salsas, corn tortillas, limes, dry and fresh chiles, crushed herbs, fruit and spices, mole sauces and cheeses….

solita brings the fun and authentic flavors of street food to the American table. We may offer some of the same things as other Mexican restaurants, but at solita, the food is just better – better tasting, skillfully cooked, fresher and healthier, with many unique and authentic touches, such as the duros in the chip basket, a salsa made mostly of tomatillos, the slices of radish with the onions, or a red chile salsa made with Mexican red chiles and a touch of beer.